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CLICK HERE to listen to Riviera Radio online!

Riviera Radio uses an Icecast stream.

Requires Winamp, Real Player, iTunes or any other player capable of running Icecast streaming

Make sure that whichever program you are using is the most updated version of the software.

To play our Icecast stream, select the menu option "File", then choose "Open URL", type or paste one of the following URLs :

- SharpStream MP3 - 64K :

- Infomaniak AAC+ - 64K :

- Infomaniak MP3 - 128K  : (Use this one for Windows Media Player)

Riviera Radio streams 24 hours per day.
Other things to check if you are experiencing problems:

1. Make sure your speakers are properly connected and the volume is turned up. (Play an mp3 or sound file on your computer as a test.)

2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. See if you can open another web page (i.e. If not, re-establish your Internet connection and try again.

3. If you're trying to listen at work and none of the above has solved the problem, check with your network administrator to make sure there aren't proxy settings or other settings that need to be configured (usually in preferences or options depending on the player).

4. Occasionally problems may occur at our studios which don't allow us to stream audio or that cause an interruption in the stream. If none of the steps above solve the problem, contact our studios by email at - we'll check to make sure the signal is being sent from our studios.

Iphone and BlackBerry:

Please click on the logo to get your Riviera Radio application

        For BlackBerry                                                            For Iphone

Thanks for listening to Riviera Radio online at !!

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