Why Radio ?

Over 80% of people in France listen to RADIO each day.

Radio is top of the list when it comes to media you can trust.

Why Riviera Radio ?

An audience of over 300,000, highly desirable people/customers. 

Riviera Radio is not just RADIO, it is digital too, with large online and social media audience. 

In-house team that can do all you need to get marketing going in a short time!

Listened to at home, in the car, on yachts, in work places, locally based for more than 30 years.

Available on mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart speakers and most devices.

We are local and we are making a big effort to boost local business!

For all advertisers, we will offer you maximum visibility including free on air spots and digital banners!

*Offers available until the end of July*

Back to Business now pack (1 or 2 months) - €1,050 per month:

  • For 100 paid messages (20 seconds long)
  • 75 FREE! messages + 2 weeks of digital banners 
  • Overall budget (production included): 2,100 ht

Back to Business Summer Pack (3 or 4 months) - €1,025 per month:

  • For 200 paid messages (20 seconds long)
  • 175 FREE! messages + 5 weeks of digitals banners 
  • Overall budget (production included): €4,100 ht

Back to Business Full Pack (8 months) - €1,000 per month:

  • For 400 paid messages (20 seconds long)
  • 400 FREE! messages + 12 weeks of digital banners 
  • Global budget (production included): 8,000 ht

One-time production included. For any further production, a supplement of €70 will be applied. 

For more information, get in touch : sales@rivieraradio.mc or +33 6 80 86 91 84