Riviera Radio Property & Services 24 October

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Hélène Da Costa, the head of Luxury Properties tells us more about the service, who they work with, the solutions they offer and more! 

Vincent Kuners of Koenders, the Relationship Manager for Luxury Properties, tells us about his specialisations, gives us an example of a project financed by the company, the timeframes needed and more! 

Axelle Ortuno, the Business Manager for Luxury Properties tells us more about her role in the company, the types of properties that they typically finance and more! 

Listen to Fanny, architect for Decoceram, talking about the different tiles they have for both interior and exterior needs and the fully-fluent English service they can offer.

The President of Notary Enterprise, Asset Management and INternational Law group from the Chambre des Notaires talks to us about their origins and goals, the benefits of using a notary and more! 

Chris, from Ace of Spades, tells us about their projects for October and their partnership with Keystone.