Thirty Nine Monte Carlo Wellness and Health Report

The Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo Wellness and Health Report is brought to you by THIRTY NINE Monte Carlo, the private members Club where you will be inspired, not just to realise your fitness potential, but to discover a new way of living. 

Brainchild of an ex-professional rugby player, THIRTY NINE'S philosophy to 'make life better' is built from shared experiences and a desire to constantly improve and deliver the unexpected. 

With the knowledge to redefine the benchmarks for fitness, nutrition and wellness, THIRTY NINE has everything you need to help you improve your quality of life.

Tune in every Tuesday at 7.38am and 6.45pm on 106.5 Riviera Radio to listen to your Wellness and Health Report, with Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo, the one and only private members Club in the Principality bringing together sport, beauty and nutrition. Find out more here.

28 January - Today, we hear more about preparing for the winter season, what you can do and how this can help to avoid injuries.

21 January - Today, we find out more about how what you see on the scales may not necessarily reflect your health and how muscle and fat percentages come into play. 

14 January - Today, we hear about how hunger and cravings can interrupt your diet and how to fight them. 

7 January - Today, we hear about how making time for sport is an essential part of your life. Also, find out more about Tabata, the high intensity, short duration workout that could be for you!