Changes for the 1st October in France

Changes for the 1st October in France - As with every first of the month several changes have been announced from today in France including a drop in the price of gas, lifts to become mandatory in new buildings which have at least three floors, a reduction in employers contributions, new legal measures for performing arts entrepreneurs declaring themselves directly to the Ministry of Culture, all invoicing will have to include an address and a purchase reference number and an increase in the monthly allowance allocated to disabled adults with more than one million people being concerned. 

In detail  

Gas tariffs - Regulated gas tariffs, applied by Engie to millions of households, will fall by 2.4% on 1st October. In detail, this decrease is 0.6% for users of gas for cooking, 1.4% for those who have a dual use cooking and hot water, and 2.5% for homes that heat gas.

Lift mandatory - From 1st October, new buildings must be equipped with a lift if they have at least three floors, instead of four which is currently the case. The aim is to make housing more accessible to people with disabilities and take into account the aging of the population.

New reductions in employer contributions - The month of October will see the extension of employer contribution relief on low wages to unemployment insurance contributions.

New mandatory information on invoices – Invoices will have to include two new mandatory information  for the buyer and the seller: they will have to display the billing address, if it is different from yours or that of the head office of the company, and they will have to display the number of purchase order drawn up by the buyer.  Non compliance is punishable with a maximum fine of 75,000 euros for an invididual and 375,000 euros for a business.

 A new legal regime for performing arts entrepreneurs - From now on, live performance artists (music, dance, theater ...) will have to declare themselves directly on the website of the Ministry of Culture. This declaration will be valid for five years. It replaces the old license which was granted for three years by the Prefecture.

Increase in disabled adult allowance - As of November 1st, the amount of the Adult Disability Allowance (AAH) also changes. It will increase by 40 euros from 860 to 900 euros per month. More than one million people are concerned.



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