Monaco decriminalizes abortion

Monaco decriminalizes abortion - Monaco’s National Council has voted unanimously a bill eliminating the penalties incurred by pregnant women in the case of an abortion. The vote passed on Thursday 31st October means that Monegasque women who have an abortion before the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy will no longer fall foul of the law. Up until now, they had been subject to six months to three years' imprisonment and a fine of between 9,000 and 18,000 euros. Abortion was only previously allowed in the case of an at risk pregnancy - rape or irreversible fetal disorder. The decriminalization of abortion does not, however, mean legalization. The law maintains sanctions (five to ten years in prison) for any health professional that has performed an abortion. The bill, however, relaxes the situation of health professionals, who are now authorized to advise and refer their patients to a foreign colleague.

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