Picasso stolen from a yacht in Antibes reappears

Picasso stolen from a yacht in Antibes reappears - A painting by Pablo Picasso estimated at 25 million euros, stolen 20 years ago on a yacht in Antibes has resurfaced in the Netherlands following research by a Dutch art expert."Portrait of Dora Maar", a painting from 1938, also known as "Woman's Bust (Dora Maar)" was part of Picasso's private collection until his death.

The work of art was stolen in 1999 on the yacht moored in the port of Antibes. After two decades of unsuccessful research, observers and art collectors thought they would never see the masterpiece again that is until the Dutch art expert Arthur Brand, nicknamed the "Indiana Jones of the art world" for his investigative feats, carried out a four-year investigation leading to it being discovered after it was given in mid-March to an insurance company. Brand immediately informed the Dutch and French police.

The Picasso robbery, estimated at about seven million dollars at the time, encouraged the wealthy owners of yachts moored on the French Riviera to review the safety systems on their boats. After the break-in in 1999, French police investigations were unsuccessful and finally closed the case.



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