Residents in Cagnes sur mer complain to city council

Residents file complaint with city council - Residents in the Malvan district of Cagnes sur mer have expressed their “exasperation” to the city council at the constant noise pollution in the area, along with the rubbish accumulating on the pavements and cars parked on the land of private homes all due to, according to them, the Polygone Riviera shopping centre.

The problems raised by the residents in the area date back to the opening of the shopping centre in 2015. The city council has often visited the area and is allegedly aware of the problems and is currently working with the Polygone who are also willing to find a solution.

The city council has said that “raising awareness among Polygone customers seems complicated as installing panels would be expensive and they’re not sure of their effectiveness”. Meanwhile residents have reported a 30% drop in the value of real estate in the neighbourhood and would like “compensation or a reduction in property taxes”. A move which according to the town hall is not within their power.

Meanwhile the management of Polygone Riviera has said “each problem evoked, is studied and accompanied by a “plan of action”. So far there has been an "increase of security patrols in the area and video surveillance has been expanded".




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