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About The Antique Wine Company 

Founded 25 years ago by Stephen Williams and based in London, from the outset The Antique Wine Company has only ever traded in exceptionally fine wine. As one of the world’s foremost wine merchants, the heart of the company’s business is the buying and selling of fine wine – in quantities ranging from complete cellars to individual cases and bottles.

They are distinguished by their history of providing superior collections, their production of exceptional events and their record-breaking fine wine transactions. Over the years they have managed, provided advice on, and constructed wine cellars in châteaux, palaces, grand hotels and exclusive private residences.

From their global headquarters in the United Kingdom, they manage a network of offices, storage facilities and expert advisers across Europe, Asia and North America. This guarantees their ability to rapidly and efficiently assist their clientele, no matter where they are located.

About AWC Riviera

Fine wine is integral to the Riviera lifestyle. With a presence in the region for more than fifteen years, AWC Riviera offers unparalleled access to the global wine market, alongside unrivalled expertise and a complete understanding of life in the Cote d’Azur.

Backed by the international resources of The Antique Wine Company, AWC Riviera provides a complete suite of fine wine services. Uniquely, their dedicated team is based in Cannes year-round and, as residents, they recognise the special challenges of life here.

The AWC Riviera team, headed by Alexander Ignatieff, has more than 40 years of experience in fine wine and event management. Their extensive services range from private entertaining and corporate presentations to cellar management and fine wine investment.  

From constructing and filling a complex cellar in your villa, to simply relaxing as they hand-deliver wines to your yacht, their expert team has your needs covered. Sourcing the finest and rarest, deciphering Burgundy, accessing Bordeaux, or exploring Provence, AWC Riviera maximises your enjoyment of fine wine.

Please visit the AWC Riviera website at, or reach them on email - - or via phone on +33 (0) 6 04 15 74 71.

AWC Riviera – Expertise Every Day

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AWC Riviera

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