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31 July - Today, Ida Commin and Cedric Cazes, head of the EAM/MFO team at CMB discuss the family office industry. 

19 June - Today, Ida Commin and Francesco Grosoli, CEO of the Compagnie Monegasque de Banque discuss the impacts of and the measures put in place to combat Covid-19. 

28 February - Today, Ida Commin and Kamran Djavadi discuss how to manage an increasingly complex and unstable business environment. 

17 January - Today, Ida Commin and Olivier Pages talk about Monaco's ultra-competitive marketplace and how CMB sets itself apart.

10 January - Today, listen to Ida Commin and Amaury Chaboud discussing the topic 'How can organisations and individuals avoid cyber attacks?'

22 November - Today, listen to Ida Commin and René Gehamy discussing the topic 'Real Estate in Monaco'.

25 October - Today, listen to Ida Commin and Eric Tournier discussing the topic 'sustainable finance'. 

27 September - Listen to Ida Commin and Yoan Hasoon from CMB discussing the topic 'are bankers still useful to millennials'. 

30 August -  Listen to Ida Commin and Sophie Saurini from CMB discussing women in finance.

16 August - This week, the CMB tells you more about the upcoming new radio format.

2 August - CMB voted Best Private Bank in Monaco 2019.

19 July - This week, CMB tells us about their partnership with the Grimaldi Forum and their support of it's summer exhibition 'Dali, A History of Painting'. 

5 July - This week, CMB tells us more about the launch of their mobile app. 

21 June - This week, discover CMB at a glance.

7 June -  This week, CMB tells us more about their owners, Mediobanca SpA.

24 May - This week, CMB tell us more about secure online banking solutions. 

10 May - This week, CMB tell us more about the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Compagnie Monegasque de Banque, Mr Francesco Grosoli. 

26 April - CMB tell us more about the new strategic partnership between Mediobanca and Messier Maris.

12 April - Graduation ceremony of the Academy First Investment.

29 March -  CMB voted Best Private Bank in Monaco 2019.

1 March - CMB launches its Asset Allocation Tracking.

15 February - CMB is a key player in digital transformation in the Monegasque banking sector.

1 February - The CMB accompanies athletes before, during and after their careers.

18 January - Patronage: double bonus for the CMB in 2019.

4 January - CMB, supporting families for more than forty years.