Baccalaureate reform

Baccalaureate reform - The Minister of France’s National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced this morning new adjustments for the next continuous testing of the new baccalaureate for first year students, including an extended calendar to ensure students "sufficient learning time".

Since the launch of the reformed baccalaureate in January, the common continuous assessment (E3C) tests have been disrupted in several dozen establishments, notably in Paris.

In addition, some high schools which had already postponed the tests failed to pass them on a second attempt.

Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that "the bank of subjects will be public". Each pupil will thus be able to "prepare a little”.

According to a text from the Minister, "the tests of the second session may take place, at the choice of the establishments, from April 20th, as initially announced and until June (against the end of May)". Enough to ensure students "sufficient learning time between the two series of tests, while guaranteeing them access to their copies and their notes before mid-July. Adding that “this will give schools more flexibility in the organization of these tests”.


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